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Your Profit is My Cheeseball | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Your Profit is My Cheeseball

Cheese Ballsphoto © 2011 Geoff Parsons | more info (via: Wylio)
This week, I gave a presentation about my services to a business networking group.

When a cheeseball company made a presentation at a previous meeting, they brought product samples. The cheeseballs were delicious, and it was easy to imagine serving them at a party. As a computer coach, I don’t have the delicious samples to everyone to taste.

I realized while planning my presentation that I could offer my own version of a cheeseball: a ten minute presentation on how social media can brand you and your business, build your business network to find new business, and broaden your presence. Everyone in a business networking group wants to figure out new ways to make money.

Instead of just listing my products and explaining what services I offered, I folded those products into my presentation and answered a basic need of my audience. They got a taste – a sample – of how I could help their business make money by way of social media.

Good sales presentations are NOT catalogs of who you are or what you offer.

Good sales presentations ARE vehicles by which you inspire the audience to realize how you can meet their business needs.

 As I was told in a management class over 20 years ago, purpose driven beats product driven as a business model every time. If a company that builds refrigerators approaches business from the perspective: we help customers keep their food cold, they will last. If the same company, however, merely thinks: we build refrigerators and sell them, they won’t. Over time, new methods to keep food cold will be developed. The purpose driven company will research better ways to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the pack.

How can you make your business more purpose driven?

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