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Yes, Your Small Business Does Need Social Media | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Yes, Your Small Business Does Need Social Media

I thought I was sitting in a lunch from 2005 as the business person next to me began, “I’m the only business owner in my national franchise who refuses to do social media. It’s a total waste of money.”

After I listened to him expound the shallow waste of Facebook et all social media a few minutes, I asked him, “Do you know what I do for a living?”


“I work with small businesses, with their social media, their websites, and their blogs to build them businesses to grow their customer bases. Helping businesses grow by way of Facebook is how I make my living.”

End of conversation. I didn’t expect that conversation at the end of 2011. We were at a social function where I could not share what I know and what I see:

  1. With our own marketing business, if we had not embraced social media 5 years ago, I do not believe we would be in existence today. It’s a key method by which we build stronger and deeper relationships with our out-of-state clients.
  2. Facebook shares provide over 1/3 of the traffic to my website. Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn combine to direct even more traffic there. With my blog, Facebook is the primary route by which my blog attracts new readers.
  3. Most of the new business opportunities I’ve enjoyed in the past 2 years are the direct result of my work on social media.
That doesn’t mean slapping together a Facebook business page, posting on it for a few weeks and then getting bored and quitting. It means developing a strategic plan of consistent engagement which integrates blogging, the web, and social media. It can include video, a mobile app and email strategies as well. ¬†Often, this is more than a sole business entrepreneur can handle, and they delegate parts of their marketing to other people.
That doesn’t mean slapping together a Facebook business page that is as annoying as the TV furniture/car commercials I mute and walk out of the room. It means finding a way by which your company can interact with your target market – with words and images that connect with people.
The good news is social media marketing is measurable. It’s possible to determine which times and approaches generate the best business sales.

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  1. Nibby Priest November 22, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    That probably is a good thing that particular franchise owner is not on social media. They would be the ones that would be super annoying with all the tv/radio type one way conversations.

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