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Yes, Kids Can Like Vegetables | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Yes, Kids Can Like Vegetables

This morning, a friend of mine, Cheryl Mochau, and I signed copies of books we had written for next year’s members of Seton Harvest, a CSA in Evansville, Indiana. Throughout this year, I’ve watched young families bring their children to collect their produce shares. ┬áMany of them are preschoolers, developing good eating habits for a lifetime.

Yes, kids can like vegetables. Here are some of the wonderful things I’ve seen:

  • When eggplants were in season, a mother took her preschoolers into the fields each week so they could pick an eggplant to take with them. She explained that eggplant was their favorite vegetable, and they loved it.
  • A young boy stood eating a fresh radish like it was an apple, enjoying every bite.
  • With the surplus this week, one couple took their kids to the field to pick some arugula. Their 4-year-old daughter told me, “We don’t pick it. Mommy cuts it with scissors for salad.” My favorite part was listening to her brother beg to go get arugula.
  • A third grader told me he loves to make salad with his family after they visit Seton.
  • A fourth grader told me he likes to eat kale when it’s cooked with salt and pepper.
  • The weeks that we were able to pick strawberries, young children ventured to the strawberry patch to gather fresh berries.
  • Kids help their parents gather fresh herbs from the herb garden.
  • They also get to visit the farm’s chickens, donate compost, and savor for a little while each week a quieter, steadier rhythm of life.
Farmer Joe, Sister Virginia, and all the Seton staff work hard to make children feel welcome every week. When turnips were dug and a 7-pound turnip was discovered, it was displayed and some members’ kids posed with pictures of it. The afternoon of our shareholder potluck, families could ride hayrides around the farm, and kids got to hit a pinata in the pole barn.
As my own kids are now teens, about to leave home, I doubly enjoy watching young families on the child-raising adventures. They illustrate once again that kids can learn to love vegetables beyond potatoes, ketchup, and corn.
Seton offers its shareholders more than the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce 26 weeks a year, from early spring to late fall. It helps us raise up a generation of children who look forward to their weekly treat to visit the farm, see some fun things, and enjoy good food to eat. Their fresh, local produce not just a way of life but a way to enjoy better living.

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