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Yep, Robin’s the Real YaYa | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Yep, Robin’s the Real YaYa

Dear Facebook administrators,

Robin is the Real Deal.

I fully support your Terms of Service, have blogged about them, and often urge people to follow them more carefully. If a business uses a profile instead of a page or if a person has multiple profiles, is too young, or tries to conduct business on Facebook, I warn them they risk having their account disabled.

Recently, a friend of mine’s account was mistakenly disabled because it was determined she wasn’t a real person. Robin Kling Lax IS a real person! As she’s struggled to have her account reinstated, I offered to blog to assure you she’s not just a real person but is the real deal. The picture with this blog shows Robin with her sister, daughter, and niece, cheering runners in a local half marathon after they had spent the morning serving them water during the race. Robin’s the one in the grass skirt – you gotta have a lot of heart to wear a grass skirt on a hot day just to encourage runners.

When George Bailey  suddenly didn’t exist in It’s a Wonderful Life, all of Bedford Falls suffered. The same thing would happen in Evansville without Robin. Here are some of the ways Robin impacts our community:

  • Wife and mom of two
  • Schoolteacher
  • Founder and president of the YaYa Extension Homemaker Club, where she helps moms come together to have fun together while we help our community and learn new skills. And she’s nice enough to welcome a mom like me who sews with a staple gun and still does it badly.

I don’t know how you make your decisions on who’s real and who’s not. Please reconsider and reinstate Robin.

She spent her Sunday morning as a volunteer serving water and cheering runners in a marathon. In the marathon of life, I treasure the people who encourage and help others. The world and Facebook would be better served with more encouragers and helpers.


Mary Biever

P.S. You’re welcome to share this blog on your Facebook wall.

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  1. Mary Biever April 13, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

    Follow up: Facebook restored Robin’s profile!

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