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Writing More for Money than Pleasure | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Writing More for Money than Pleasure

A funny thing happened on the way to my writing for clients this spring.  As we worked together, and I developed stronger working relationships with them, they asked me to help them do more than write – to organize projects for them too.

And I said yes.

It was the start of an adventure where I’ve learned new skills and met a lot of wonderful people. Along the way, for the past couple of months, I’ve worked 10-12 hour minimum days, 6 days per week.

When you run your own business in an uncertain economy, you say yes when the work hits. Even so, I’ve cut some of my clients and narrowed my focus.

That also means I haven’t had as much time to blog for pleasure.

As my firstborn goes to college in 2 weeks, and my 16-year-old is about to get his driver’s license, I suspect my work load has increased just in time for me not to realize how quickly my nest is emptying.

For now, in the short time I have left with both of my kids at home, and with my limited time with them, I’m choosing to spend more time enjoying them and less of my free time writing for pleasure.

So I’ll blog when I’m able but will focus first on living and savoring my family.

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