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Why The Arts, Museums, and Culture Matter | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Why The Arts, Museums, and Culture Matter

Our museums, arts, and cultural events play a vitally important role in our society which is easily forgotten.

In a world where bad news seems that which is most likely to be repeated, we need the arts.

We need to visit the events and places that remind us of our history, our culture, and our creative instinct.

During World War II, Blessed Pope John Paul II worked with an underground theatre group to preserve and share Polish culture and theatre. He recognized that the best offense we often have in fighting evil is to share our stories so we preserve the memories of who and what the best of us are.

Museums have always been places of refuge for me. They probably matter more to me than most because I have seen the worst of humanity and lived in the face of evil. With that knowledge, I know just how important it is for us to always work to preserve beauty.

We must keep the best of our arts and culture present in our thoughts and minds to remind ourselves to aim higher, to tell our stories, to sing our songs, and to always seek ways to enrich the lives of others.

Every museum, concert, and cultural event is an opportunity for us to be inspired by others so we can aspire to be better ourselves.

The key that they share is a reminder of hope, as oases for the soul. Our hope in ourselves, in each other, and for the future.


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