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Whole Hog Biz Errors | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Whole Hog Biz Errors

“I’m going to have a bachelor party and want it to be a hog roast,” the caller on the radio show began.

“We’re trying to locate a pig and drive 5 hours with it so we can roast it while we spend a weekend in a cabin. Any suggestions?” He continued.

The radio host encouraged him to hire outside help because of potential pitfalls with his plan. I agree.

Our county’s 4-H leaders volunteer to carve a hog at a roast each year after it is auctioned off to benefit our 4-H Center. A local farmer donates the hog, a local barbecue restaurant roasts the hog, a food supplier donates the side dishes, a DJ donates his services, and we carve Porky.

I’ve helped with the carving of 2 hogs. The second time I did it, I was going to have to be in charge, so I recruited a friend of mine, a retired meat inspector, to help. We carved the hog in time to tunes like “Stayin Alive” and “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Even though I have carved a couple of hogs, hold a Serv-safe food safety certification, and have helped cater dinners of up to 400 people for 4-H fundraisers, there is no way I would ever consider roasting a hog. I do what I know best and rely on other experts in other fields to do the same.

This applies to many small business owners, especially in an Internet age.  We don’t have to roast the whole hog but can rely on experts to do the parts we’re not comfortable doing. That could include hiring:

  1. An accountant to check Quickbook account setups.
  2. A blog designer to design our WordPress website and then train us so we can write timely updates.
  3. An SEO expert to ensure our website wins search.
  4. Marketers who use varied media well so we can integrate our marketing strategy with video and social media components.
  5. A social media expert to help us set up our presence in social media and train us to do timely updates with an integrated marketing strategy.
  6. Graphic designers and artists to create great graphics for our landing pages and other electronic promotions.
  7. Video pros to help us create fantastic, short videos.

If you need help finding an expert in any of the above areas, let me know. If I can’t help, I know pros who can.

Hiring professionals is an investment well worth making.

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