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White Knuckle Business Rafting | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

White Knuckle Business Rafting

'White Water Rafting (on The Nile)' photo (c) 2007, Pete Bellis - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/White Water Rafting requires skill, strength, teamwork and timing. Those who learn to manage the dips and falls build their skills and strength.

In a rocky economy, running your own business can feel the same. Up go the unemployment numbers and down goes the Dow – we sometimes feel like all we can do is hold on and hope we land upright at the bottom of the falls.

As we run our business – 11 years old and still going strong – we’ve gotten better results when we pay less attention to the national media doom reports and more attention to our customer base. What can we do to make their lives easier, to decrease their stress and provide the best high end graphics possible on the market today? The more we focus on our customers, and on improving the quality of our product, the better business becomes.

Yes, there are hard times. Yes, sometimes the waves splash in the raft, we grab the paddle and are not sure what’s going to happen next. If we don’t dodge the next rock, bad things could happen.

The best part? People pay hundreds of dollars for the thrill of a white water rafting trip. We not only get it for free but turn a profit living the same adventure, running our family business. Our adventure isn’t for those who seek the security of a paddle boat in the middle of a pond. It’s for those who want to test their limits and grab the next big adventure.

Bottom line? Keep your focus on the water you’re in and where your raft is in it. Don’t get so distracted by bad economic news.

It could be because Indiana is in a better financial position than several states, or that Evansville’s German heritage is such that people are frugal. In any case, I know businesses who are hiring. That means they have enough business to need more help to deliver their product.

And that is a good thing, regardless of the doom of the evening news.

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