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When Grace is Amazing | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

When Grace is Amazing

When I have chats with God, I doubt Jesus gets bored because I tend to say exactly what I think.

This Sunday morning, we started one of our more colorful chats when I got to church. I ran late and slipped into the pew with my family during the first hymn. Things like that give a bad start to a morning of worship. As I sang and the service began, I started my divine chat…

“God, I’m never going to be Mrs. Mommy Perfect Wife who does everything right. I run late, I lose my temper, and sometimes I walk in these doors feeling like a misfit toy in the land of normal. If the Pharisee Squad were given the opportunity, I’m sure I would be the first one they would shoot because I’m irreverent, and I’ll never fit into their boards of square pegs.

“While they sit on the throne of perfection, I think of the people I’ve seen this week who are lost, hurting, and who just need someone – anyone – to tell them they matter. I’ve walked their walk and know how they feel and know exactly how badly they need to be loved and to   know the hope of Jesus Christ.”

As this freight train of a self-doubting conversation roared through my head during my chat with God, I felt as though I wasn’t worthy to be there and resisted the urge to flee.

Resting my eyes upon the crucifix, my prayer grew more intense as I begged Jesus,

“Lord, show me why I’m here. Help me focus on you and stop the doubts that pound at me from every direction.”

The sermon ended, and it was time to sing a hymn during the offering and presentation of gifts. As the hymn’s title was announced, I nearly jumped with surprise. We were singing “Amazing Grace.”

Jesus answered my prayer. “Amazing Grace” is my victory song and motivator. Every morning on my way to work, the first thing I do is sing “Amazing Grace,” followed by the “Star Spangled Banner.” Those songs are my muse, that help me start each day in a mental frame of thanksgiving and patriotism. Only in America, and only by the grace of a gracious God, could someone like me, with my background break the chains that bound me and build a simple, quiet life.

As I began to sing, I remembered the story of how John Newton wrote “Amazing Grace,” after he was rescued in a storm.

An amazing grace, that passed all understanding, set him free. It set me free.

And whenever those doubts rear their heads, or when I get distracted by members of Pharisee Squads, I must remember not to let them interfere with my relationship or chats with God.

Through many dangers, toils and snares…we have already come.
T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far…
and Grace will lead us home.

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