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What’s Your Social Media Curb Appeal? | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

What’s Your Social Media Curb Appeal?

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Last weekend, Terry Haas of HGTV’s show Designed to Sell spoke at the Evansville Home Show, thanks to sponsorship by F. C. Tucker Emge Realtors.  Besides being a dynamic and terribly funny speaker, Terry had great ideas to build the curb appeal of your home. “Potential buyers have 7 to 10 seconds to decide whether or not to get out of the car at your house and go in. It won’t matter what your bathroom looks like if they won’t walk in the front door.” Great point.

In social media, you have 1-2 seconds for people to decide if they like you enough to friend, follow, network, or hire you. Build your social media curb appeal so you stand out from the crowd and brand yourself well.

Home stagers like Terry help home buyers package their homes so buyers will see the value of the home.  It’s better for a home on the market to be remembered for the smell of freshly baked cookies than the aroma of a barely cleaned cat litter box.

So what impacts social media curb appeal?

  1. Pictures. A real, recognizable and flattering photo of you works best. If you post lots of party pictures where you’re about to pass out, I worry that if I friend you, you’ll be hammered at a party and pass around your smartphone to all your drunken friends so they too might see my private information. Your dog might be cute, but I hope you don’t look like it. Posting photos of kids or families as a profile photo scares me because of privacy issues. It’s like leaving out family photos of your kids before you open your home to show to strangers.
  2. Words. How do you describe yourself? What are your really like? This is like the handbook of information home sellers leave out for potential buyers. Can I see not only who you are but what activities and interests you have that make you unique?
  3. Network. Who are your friends and followers? This is like who are the neighbors on your block when your house sells. If I have a privacy setting of friends of friends, I want to see who those friends are and what they are like.
  4. Conversation. Do you talk online? Do your friends view you as a problem solver or a trouble maker? Do you respond when people comment or ask questions, or do you ignore them? Do you add value and share knowledge (that’s not a commercial blast pushing your products)?

Designed to Sell helps home sellers package their home so it’s more likely to sell. Good social media strategists can help you package your social media presence so you’re more likely to build your business, develop more clients, or find your dream job.

If you need professional help for a Designed to be Social makeover, I can help you.

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