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What if Columbus Just Sat on the Pot? | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

What if Columbus Just Sat on the Pot?

Columbus was convinced he could find a better route to the other side of the world. He struggled for years to get funding to pursue his dream. Many thought he was wrong.

What if Columbus had stayed in Europe, talking about his route and never going? In my grandma’s terms, what if he sat on the pot and never did his business?

This is where social media is right now. We know we have a more direct route for business. We’re not sure where the voyage will take us, but we know the possibilities it will open are endless. So all sorts of social media experts are trying to convince the rest of the planet’s businesses this can help them long term.

We have the broadband. We have the connections. Some businesses get it and are ready to join our adventure. Others would rather stay at home and do what’s always worked. Let them choose. They will live with the consequences.

It’s time to set sail with the businesses that do get it and work with them to do social media better. That’s a little more walking and a little less talking – about our craft in trade.

Remember Columbus didn’t just sail blindly towards the west.  He used tools to measure his progress. Each night, he charted his position with the stars.  He made use of ocean currents and winds, which pushed him better than if he had started out with a rowboat.

In our new social media adventure, all manners of boats are trying to get to the new world. Some are sounder than others, just as some early attempts at flying machines worked better than others.

Make sure your social media presence uses not just the wind but also the ocean current.  The quick gimmick tactic may work now, when the wind blows, but it doesn’t take best advantage of the currents. Smart strategists use both the wind and the currents to reach the new world faster, with less effort. Eventually in the Old World, the trailing edgers ventured west too. The same will happen with social media.

My resolution – spend less time reading in the social media bathroom and more time actually using it. 

Grandma’s right. It’s time to get off the pot.

One Response to “What if Columbus Just Sat on the Pot?”

  1. Scott Bergman October 9, 2010 at 9:01 am #

    Good story. The power of social media is amazing and it’s hard to believe more business don’t try and leverage that power, but the bottom line is they don’t for whatever reason. Both people and businesses need to get online and engage.

    Take care.

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