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Watch the Ball | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Watch the Ball

When I was pregnant with my son, we both nearly died. The last month of his pregnancy, I was on bedrest, in Barnes-Jewish Hospital, in St. Louis, Missouri. My family visited on weekends. Each day presented challenges, including blood treatments with terrible side effects, early contractions, and more. But I knew that each hour and each day we delayed his birth increased his likelihood of survival.

How could I handle being alone, in a private room, on bedrest, in a hospital 100 miles from home, for 5 days each week? My husband helped me focus on the end game priority. We put a baby boy outfit on a hanger, on that wall, complete with get well cards from family and friends. When I got sick, tired, or discouraged, I would look at my wall of hope.

We managed to delay his birth a month by the grace of God. He didn’t spend a single hour in NICU.

There are life and business lessons in my experience.

  • Decide on your big, end game goal and put a reminder of it where you can see it. 
  • Surround yourself with encourages who love and support you. There are some who would rather argue with you or distract you in other directions. They can’t distract you if you watch the ball. Mentally remove them from your sphere of attention. The more you pay attention to the negative naysayers who would rather fight than build, the less likely you will win the end game.
  • It is easy to get distracted by small inconveniences.  Keep your eye on the ball, look for the prize, and don’t get distracted. The more you focus on your real goal, the more your actions and decisions will reflect that goal, and you’ll be likely to attain it.

Life is too short to waste it on distraction. Spend it going towards your goals and building loving, healthy relationships that respect boundaries.

Build your team with players who want to win the big game and will work together.

Oh – and if you want to hear more of how we survived that pregnancy and what happened, by my book He Uses It For Good when it’s released next month.


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