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Walk Your Wire and Why Wallenda Matters | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Walk Your Wire and Why Wallenda Matters

“The impossible is actually possible,” Nik Wallenda reminded us.

I was a reluctant viewer of the Niagara Falls walk at first. Then I saw him crossing the wire and heard the commentary. Besides being a brilliant showman and remarkably talented, Wallenda was exactly what our whole world needs right now.

We can get sucked into the black hole of bad news and potential problems. They aren’t just in our own back yard but are looming around the planet. The more we get sucked into the bad news, the more likely we are to lose hope and give up.

As Wallenda walked the wire, placing one foot in front of the other, he showed us how we can walk out of that dark pit into something better. ¬†They had a microphone on him to talk with him during the walk, and in those most intense parts he was quietly praying, showing that when the wind’s swirling around us – sometimes from all directions, and the path is slippery, and we can’t see our way, we can succeed.

Wallenda explains,

“When I’m on that wire it’s a mind game more than anything. It’s important to stay focused on the goal, on the prize that’s on the other side.”

Then he adds that we can all do that with whatever battles or challenges we face.

After he reached the other side, he was asked why he did it. His answer?

“To inspire people around the world”

Wallenda reminds us to reach for the impossible and gives us hope.

He reminds me of Shirley Temple during the Great Depression. Her movies were popular in a bleak world because of her “can do” attitude.

In a new century, we have Wallenda. We need others to do the same.

The best way we can get those others is if we all decide right now, that we’ll take our shot and walk our own wire. What are you waiting for?

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