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Waiting for Monday | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Waiting for Monday

“You’re too young to have enough experiences to write about your life,” I was told last week by a lady who had just met me. Part of me wishes that were true.

If things go well, I”ll have copies of He Uses It for Good available for sale Monday evening.  We’re waiting on the books to arrive. I want to make sure the books actually arrive before I schedule events to sell the book.

As soon as I have books in hand, I’ll post information on how you can get copies.

I’m waiting with a mixed bag of excitement and nerves. As I wrote, I opened the deepest closets of my heart and shared them – the good with the bad. I’m a little scared of what people will think. We all have a story with happy and sad parts. I’ve never shared some of the sadder parts of my story. Until now. 

I hope it celebrates the best of the American dream – the hardships we deal with, whether as children or adults, do not have to define or destroy us. They build us, and they make us stronger.

And I hope it shares my faith and what I have learned – whatever happens in life, if we give it to God, He can use it for good purpose.

Time and again, I’ve been hit with challenges that should have destroyed me. Yet here we are. God carried me through those times so I could share that story and inspire others to keep going, to never quit, and to see how God can use all things for good in their own lives.

Each day that I wrote, I asked God to guide my words. After I finished, I asked Him to confirm that it was time to tell my story. He confirmed it in a remarkable way that was added to the book’s end.

If you want to know more about how God carried me through challenges, buy my book.

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