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Turn the Page

In children’s books with sound, they used to say at the end of each page, “Turn the page.”

There are times in our lives when we turn the page. In early chapters of our story, there may have been people or things that were key to the story line. Our story would not be the same without them.

Turn the page.

Then new chapters begin, and we make choices. We build a future based on present circumstances and new opportunities, or we stay locked into the pages from the past. How do we know when to look back and when to build a new story?

First, listen to your gut. If talons from the past reach up to grab you, and you feel as though you’re being dragged back to a painful memory, a smaller world, and a cloudy outlook, you know the old chapter has ended.

Turn the page.

Second, build a dream team of cheerleaders. These are people who encourage and empower you. They see your potential, love you for who you are, and cheer you to meet new challenges. Choose carefully who is on your dream team; they will help you write the new chapters in your story.

Another way you will know whether or not people belong on your dream team is if they are interested in you and your story – or if their sole concern is how you play a role in their story. If they belittle, manipulate, or distract you from your end goal, you will know it’s time. If they are only interested in their own stories and care nothing for yours, pass them by.

Turn the page.

If your past story included negative choices or association with people who disrespected you, your future story can go in a different direction. You can start fresh. You can find friends who will support you, respect your boundaries, and encourage you. If your family does not include people who will do this, build a new one. Find a few good people for that dream team.

Turn the page.

As you begin writing your new chapters with your dream team’s support, your gut will tell you things are going in the correct direction. At times, it will be a tranquil peace in your soul. Other times, it will seem as though each new challenge is a sunrise on the lake of life, offering you new opportunities.

When you finish painting the picture of today’s story, look at it for a moment and rejoice. Just for today, your life probably included some problems, a few frustrations, but also a rainbow if you looked hard enough. After giving thanks for today’s story, you know it’s time.

Turn the page. Tomorrow’s story will begin, and we can share it with those we love – who love us back.

How will you complete tomorrow’s pages of your story? Make the most of them!

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  1. Mindy Sharp November 28, 2012 at 10:14 am #

    This is a beautiful article and I am inspired to look at each day differently. Thank you!

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