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Top 10 Things You Can’t Give Up for Lent | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Top 10 Things You Can’t Give Up for Lent

Ash Wednesday is here again. I enjoy the seasons of the Church Year because the feasts of Easter and Christmas are sweeter when we have a quiet, reflective time to balance them. That, for me, is the meaning of Lent.  When we give up something for Lent, we consider carefully. Here is a list of top 10 things we can’t give up:

  1. School. When my son was younger, he always asked for this one. I always told him no.
  2. Chores.  He tried this one too, with the same answer: no. (By the way, if you think kids who grow up on farms benefit from helping on the family farm, the Dept. of Labor is trying to regulate them from doing this. Public comments have been requested by the Dept. of Labor.)
  3. Animal Care.  Yes, the litter box must be cleaned during Lent. Animals must still have food and water.
  4. Musical Instrument Practice. We paid for the instrument, we pay for the lessons, and you WILL practice!
  5. Paying bills. Mortgage companies, utilities, and banks will not buy this.
  6. Exercise.  Not an excuse. Keep on moving!
  7. Things You Don’t Have or Do. As my daughter said,  “You can’t give up Playstation 2 if you have a Playstation 3.”
  8. Bathing and Personal Hygiene. Once upon a time it might have been ok to take one bath each winter. Queen Elizabeth I may have bathed only once every 6 months. No longer in style.
  9. Laundry.  40 days is a long time to wear the same clothes. Or to have that many different outfits to wear.
  10. Cooking. I have been tempted to take a Lenten holiday and quit cooking for my family. They can cook for themselves. However, someone is going to have to prep the meals.

Bottom line: what we give up for Lent is something that distracts us or is bad for us. I’m thinking of giving up second helpings and am still thinking what else to give up.

The other part is if we give something up, we also need to add something – to add something positive to our lives.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. So today, we begin Lent so we can reflect and be best prepared to celebrate the Holy Triduum, concluding in Easter, in 40 days.

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