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This Year’s Easter Dinner | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

This Year’s Easter Dinner

My entire cooking style shifted after my heart attack. I’m now in that phase where I work to make good foods but make them healthier. That means a lot less fat and a lot more fruits and vegetables. And it means figuring how to put on a feast whose preparation doesn’t add to my stress. But then the challenge is fixing them so my family, including my teen-aged son, will eat them. So here goes…..

  • Baby greens salad with chopped veggies – I bought a bag for the salad and will chop veggies on top
  • Deviled eggs – I find it’s faster to pipe the filling into the eggs than to spoon it in. And it looks nicer. I wanted to experiment with avocado filling for some, hummus for others, and non-fat Greek yogurt for the rest. However, that looked like a lot of work. So I used fat-free Miracle Whip instead.
  • Strawberries
  • Spiral sliced ham with a glaze on top (my family loves the Aldi’s Appleton sliced hams, and they are reasonably priced). In a moment I’ll be putting it into our giant crockpot to cook until lunch time. That way, I don’t heat up the whole house.
  • Crescent rolls – my daughter was my bread baker, and she’s not here. I bought a can and will bake them.
  • Oven roasted asparagus – I used just a bit of olive oil with steak seasoning on it.
  • Mashed Yukon potatoes – I have started using olive oil and garlic instead of butter or margarine, and my family loves them. I mix some non-fat Greek yogurt into them for a creamier texture. I no longer peel the skins but mash those as well for more nutrition and less work.
  • Lemon Cake Bars – these are a 2 ingredient experiment – a can of lemon pie filling and an angel food cake mix. A friend said she tried them and didn’t like them. So I decided to make a second dessert. They were super easy. We’ll see how they taste at lunch.
  • Peach pie – when my daughter is home, she is my pie baker. She makes fantastic crusts and fillings. She’s not here this year, so I bought a crust at the store, but cut the top crust into strips to make a lattice so it looks home-made.
  • Lemonade – this recipe is best made just before serving so it’s fizzy. I have pineapple juice and sprite cooling in the fridge.

One off the tricks is to lowering stress is to prep the day before. The eggs, lemon cake bars, peach pie, and strawberries are all done. Having half the meal fixed today means less food prep and dishwashing.

So all that’s left today is to put a ham in the crockpot in a few minutes. Then we make the potatoes, asparagus, and rolls. Just before eating, we make the lemonade.



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