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Then You Turn the Page | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Then You Turn the Page

Lots of people have tough stories and have overcome obstacles. I am one of them. I grew up in the story of the single parent childhood, rocked with poverty mixed with a dash of scandal. In middle school, I really did walk through the snow to deliver papers on my paper route, including after the blizzard of 1977.

There is a story there – and I wrote a book about it.

In long distance perspective, I recognize that every obstacle I overcame made me who I am today. Many of those struggles sensitized me such that they developed my empathy and my gut instinct.

But the key to a happier ending doesn’t lie in wallowing in that story or using it as an excuse for bad decisions now.

The key is much simpler:

Then you turn the page.

The first step in building a better life is to turn the page, to flip the script, and to resolve to learn a newer, healthier story with a better ending.

It is possible. I know because I did it – with a lot of prayer, support from good friends, and hard work.

If you spend too much time gazing at yesterday’s storybook and pondering the sorrows of yesteryear, you just might forget that the pages on the other side of the book, the future, are blank.

And your decisions and actions now will determine what is written upon them.

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