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Their Best Chance | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Their Best Chance

I’ve fallen in love with the new TV series, Once Upon a Time.

One of my favorite lines in the first 2 episodes is parents making tough decisions to give their kids “their best chance.” In their case, the best chance was to let them go to something better. And it also meant finding out when they needed help and doing what it took to give it.

My job as a mother is to do what it takes to give my children “their best chance.” We are fortunate to live in the United States, the land of second chances, where it is still possible to lift yourself up by your boot straps if you work hard and make smart choices.

As I live in count-down mode that by next August my older teen will be away at college, every moment, every dinner, and every family time is both precious and poignant. I keep thinking, “seize these moments.” Within 3 years, our nest may well be empty.

The choices we’ve made as parents in the upbringing of our kids and raising them to make their own choices are beginning to bear fruit.

If I could give any advice to younger parents with younger children, it would be to savor each moment because it will pass quickly. And not to settle for “good enough” choices for their kids but to seek ways to give them their best chance. What that best chance is will vary from family to family, from child to child. We can’t all afford every possible opportunity – in terms of time or budgets. But we can determine what is most important for a specific child and seek ways to meet that need.

How can parents give their  children their best chance?

Make time to help with the homework, to have the family dinner, to have fun together and to teach life lessons on hard work, high standards, and compassionate service. Show them daily they are loved. I’ve never heard a parent of an adult say later in life, “I wish I had spent less time reading to my children, attending their events, or helping them with homework.”

How can communities give children their best chance?

We can use what talents we have and find ways to share them with young people. We can let them know they matter and their ideas have merit. Who knows? If parents neglect a child, responsible mentors who encourage a kid could be the “best chance” that kid has.

As a youth leader and as a parent, I’ve often discovered that when I work to give children their best chance, at the same time I receive my own best chance for a fulfilling life.

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