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The Parable of the Three Problems | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

The Parable of the Three Problems

We may have heard of the parable of the 3 talents with the lesson to make the most of our talents. What if the master gave his 3 servants problems instead?

A master was going on a trip and met with 3 servants. He told them he was giving them something and would return later to see how they used it.

He gave his first servant a single problem. That servant buried the problem, did nothing about it, and tried to pretend it wasn’t there.

He gave the second servant three problems. That servant worked a little with the problems and found ways to not only partially overcome the problems but help a few people along the way.

He gave the final servant five huge, almost unbearable problems. That servant took on the problems, found ways to overcome them and in the process not only inspired others but found tremendous ways to help them.

When the master returned, he asked each servant the outcome of the problem.

The first servant said, “Master, I didn’t want the problem to get worse. So I buried it and left it alone. It’s still lying there buried.”

The second servant said, “Master, I took the problem, found some ways to make it better, and have helped some other people.”

The third servant said, “Master, the problems you gave me were huge. At first, I didn’t know what to do with them. But I prayed for guidance, worked with them, and in the working with them the most incredible things happened. I found out other people had the same problems, and as I worked to resolve mine, I found ways to help them as well. We discovered together how we could make a positive impact. I’m astounded at the good things that have come from what once seemed impossible to overcome.”

And here is where the challenge lies for you and me. What do we do with the problems we are given?

In 2011, I wrote a book, He Uses It For Good. In the book, I described how the most horrible parts of my childhood were taken by God and used for good purpose.

Now, I’ve been given a new test for that premise. How can God use my heart attack for good purpose? Here are a few things I’ve seen:

  • Our family is working harder to enjoy our time together.
  • I discovered how hard my kids would work to help us when we needed it the most.
  • I was reminded once again of our steadfast friends who encouraged and helped us in quiet, unseen ways.
  • I finally started exercising, am fixing healthier meals for my family, and have started losing weight. This year, I hope to lose enough to match what I weighed on my wedding day, 22 years ago.
  • I’m reinventing my lifetime of recipes, tweaking them, and may possibly write a cookbook of them after I finish.
  • As a New Year’s Resolution in my honor, a friend decided to begin exercising and lose weight, adopting healthier lifestyle choices.
  • My biggest client has embraced Go Red for Women to raise awareness for heart disease this year.
  • Another couple, a husband and wife, have started exercising together. They decided if I could be impacted by heart disease at my age, it was time for them to get healthier together.
Today, we’re just 7 weeks out from H Day – the day of my heart attack. As of now, I’m publicly giving it and our struggles afterwards to God, for Him to do with as He will.
I am confident that – He WILL use it for good purpose!


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  1. Liz Vos January 27, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    I love how God can transform any situation by His perspective! I am so glad you are dwelling on the positive, Mary and sharing what you have learned (and are learning!) Keep it up!

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