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Thanks to My Kids | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Thanks to My Kids

This was the year of the Christmas break that was anything but a break for my kids. Six weeks ago, I first got sick with a kidney stone. My son, who was driving on a permit, drove me to the emergency room as I was doubled over in pain. Four days after that, I had a heart attack, just before my daughter began taking her final exams in college. After she finished her finals, she spent her first night back home with me in the hospital.

And so began the break from hell when both of my kids stepped to the plate to not only help me while I recovered but also took care of running our household. My daughter spent her Christmas break driving her brother wherever he needed to go, figuring out how to fix meals that met my new lower fat/lower salt requirements, and taking me where I needed to go. When I needed to complete some paperwork and got stressed, she jumped in and completed the hardest parts of it for me. My son worked with keeping the household running and laundry kept up.

For a few days, things got worse. My husband got sick with what we later learned was a temporarily pinched nerve in his neck, and my daughter took him to the emergency room. She stayed with him at the hospital while my son stayed at home with me. Fortunately,  he was released after tests and is fine.

I am now on the road to recovery, when it’s time for me to start thanking people.

Both our teens helped without complaint and did whatever needed. Often, we hear people complain about teens and their attitudes.

However, teens can do great things. I know a 16 and an 18 year old who rose to the occasion and were extraordinary when we needed them most.


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