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Thank God for Patriots Like Tyrone Woods | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Thank God for Patriots Like Tyrone Woods

Like so many Americans, I was sickened as reports came out about the terrorist attack on Benghazi, Libya.

As I watched news reports trickle out, I asked friends, “Where was the Jack Bauer hero?” We’ve all seen the movie where the hero, like Jack Bauer, or John McClane, or Jonas Blane from the Unit recognizes the bad guys need to be stopped, risks it all, and tries to rescue Americans? Except the movies and TV shows had a somewhat happy ending.

Where was the Todd Beamer of Flight 93?

Where were the many heroes like the Hoosiers who raced forward to rescue others immediately after the 2011 Indiana State Fair tragedy? Those who run towards the danger, putting the needs of others ahead of their own.

There were heroes who came forward in Benghazi, Libya. We have just neglected to honor them. Some have neglected to share the story of their heroics.

One of them was Tyrone Woods, who saw that the Libyan embassy was under attack, and help was desperately needed. He ignored two orders to “stand down” and went to try to rescue Americans under attack, as he had been trained.

For the next six hours, Woods and his companions fought alone, at times calling for help that never came, even calling out coordinates of where the terrorists were attacking them. Their calls were unanswered. They never quit fighting, and Woods died in that fight.

We hear so much about avoiding making this tragedy political that we have forgotten to honor the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for others.

How can we honor and show our appreciation for their selfless heroism? Where is the push to give Woods a Medal of Honor?

Every single day, law enforcement and military personnel lay their lives on the line to protect our lives and our freedom. Twenty-five years ago, I had the privilege of spending a day on an American carrier for a family day, where I saw thousands of dedicated soldiers and their families sacrificing their family time and their lives to help us all.

Veterans Day will soon be here. I sincerely hope that by that day, Tyrone Woods will receive the American honors he so deserves.

His story deserves to be told, and his heroics merit our appreciation.


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