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How Tri-State Women Turned My Life Upside Down in a Single Year

At Thursday night’s Christmas party with Tri-State Women, I shared how they had changed my life in a single year.

A year ago, I went to their Christmas party, when Cheryl Mochau, a visitor, spoke about her book He Knew I Would Tell. She had recently published it to share stories of God moments in her life and those of others. Because I had been to a Living Hell to Living Well retreat earlier that fall, hosted by TSW’s founder Kimberly Delcoco, where I had set a goal of writing a book within 5 years, I was intrigued.

So Cheryl and I made an appointment for a 1:1 over coffee, just before a January meeting of Tri-State Women.  Cheryl shared that she felt called to write a book and prayed to ask how to fit time to write it. She woke up early and realized God was giving her the time.

Always ready with a wisecrack, I told her that when God was ready for me to write a book, he would wake me up early to do it. I told her when it happened, I would write “Good morning” on her Facebook wall, and she would know what it meant.

Cheryl told me, “Don’t joke like that. God will take you seriously.”

The next morning, I woke up at 3 a.m. I realized it was time and started writing, getting up early and writing daily for a month. At the end of that month, my book He Uses It for Good was written. It took a lot of the rest of the year to work through the publication process.

But in that full circle of life, this year, it was my book I was talking about at Tri-State Women. After I told how my book began, Kim added insights I have to share.

It wasn’t just what happened to me that changed my life this year. It was my listening to God and saying yes when called. It was about Cheryl and me – and the other women like us – who encouraged one another and worked to inspire each other. In the process, that made an impact on our own lives, the lives of our friends, then our community, and beyond.

What I never expected after finishing my book was the tremendous relief born of sharing a story I had held inside for a lifetime, waiting for the time to be right to tell it. As I wrote the story, I prayed at each step for God to close doors and stop me if the time were wrong or if I should stay silent. Every single time, He pushed me forward.

And I said yes.

With that yes, my whole world is a little brighter – sort of like seeing the colors in the land of Oz after spending a lifetime in Kansas. I can open the door in the morning, hear birds chirping, and get so excited I call my family to the door so they too can hear their music.

Now I see that I had to tell my own story before I could write those of others.  This was not an end but was a beginning – future books will include a cookbook, a children’s story book which I hope  my husband will illustrate, and a book of meditations inspired by great hymns that sustained me for a lifetime.

Once I said yes to God, whole worlds of possibilities presented themselves.

And I learned that when you surround yourself with kind, compassionate friends who encourage you to aim higher and try new adventures, great things happen.

Thanks, Tri-State Women, most especially Kim and Cheryl.

Writing By Dawn’s Early Light

Graphic provided by Mystfren Designs

A candle is lit, Pandora is playing praise music, and the lights are out. 

Is it a date with my husband? No….it’s a date with God I’ve been making every early morning the past week. I pray.  God listens. I listen.  God answers. I write. 

Before dawn’s early light, I can’t get distracted. Because it’s dark, I can’t look around the room and think of all the things I’ve not done on my to do list. My Pandora Praise station responds to what I need like Bumblebee does in Transformers. Whatever I need to hear, it plays. 

What am I doing this for and why? 

Last fall, I met Cheryl Mochau, author of He Knew I Would Tell. God told her to write a book. She asked Him how she was supposed to fit writing a book into her schedule. The next morning, she woke an hour early, realized He was providing her time to write, and she began. 

Last month, I felt God’s urging me to write a book. It was to be a book of encouragement, telling how we can overcome adversity and turn it to good. 

Yes, I’ve written blogs and magazine columns for 10 years. My 5 year personal plan includes writing a book, after my kids go to college. 

We shared coffee last week, and I asked Cheryl how she published her book.  I told her my concern was time and maybe I should ask God to show me when. 

“He might answer you,” she jokingly cautioned. 

“If He wakes me up tomorrow morning, I’ll post on your Facebook wall so you know,” I answered. 

The next morning I woke at 3 a.m. I prayed for an hour, asking God to show me what to do. By 4 a.m., I knew I had to write. Out came the candle and music.  As I listened, the words flowed. Every morning since then, I’ve awakened early – before my alarm – and written. 

Genesis 50:20 inspires me. Whatever our challenge we face, God can use it for good to help others.  

I write because I’m happy. I write because I’m free. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me. 

The tentative book title? 

He Uses It For Good 

(Thanks to Mystfren Designs for providing the candle graphic. Mystfren provides digital graphics and designs for web, print, and t-shirts.)

Grab Your Dream Builders

Plunge!  The water feels cold when you grab your new business (your life preserver) and leap into the entrepreneurship ocean.

I knew the water would be cold but!

After you make the leap and start kicking your business across the ocean, prepping to build your boat, be on guard.

People may tell you what to do. As they talk, decide whether they are Dream Builders or Dream Snatchers. What’s the difference?

Dream Builders

  • Offer constructive, achievable solutions
  • Share strategies that worked for them
  • Scout their view of the ocean for tools or clients that might help
  • Cheer victories
  • Encourage you to learn from failures and try again
  • Hold you accountable in a positive way

Dream Snatchers

  • Talk problems, nothing but the problems – the water is cold, your life preserver is tattered on one side, why do you kick THAT way, ride on someone else’s fishing boat instead
  • Suggest you wait till the perfect time when the preserver is perfect and the ocean is warm (ain’t gonna happen – we don’t live in a perfect world)
  • Distract you by demanding you listen to their problems and fix their situations
  • Ignore your victories and ridicule your defeats

After you take the plunge, surround yourself with a smart support team who will help you build your dreams.

Dream builders help you make it happen.

Spend too much time with dream snatchers, and you will fail.

After a lifetime of helping family and friends reach for their dreams, I’m taking my shot at going for my own as a computer coach. Yesterday at a business networking luncheon icebreaker, I sat with a group of other female entrepreneurs. 

They were dream builders. We worked through the icebreaker, gave each other suggestions, and more. I walked out of the meeting ready to kick a little harder and smarter, with new ideas of things to try.

Thanks to the ladies at my table – Brenda Hughes of Evansville Home Staging & Redesign; Penelope Pennington of Milestone Investments; and  Cheryl Mochau, a personal chef and author.

Gotta go – it’s nearly dawn, and I’ve miles to kick before I sleep…

If I kick  well, my clients will leap tough spreadsheets with a single bound, create documents faster than a speeding word processor, tweet like a bird, soar social media like a plane, and become super computer users.