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Sunrise, Sunset | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Sunrise, Sunset

Sixteen years ago, as I lay in a hospital bed fighting for my survival and that of my unborn son, my grandmother lay dying in a hospital 30 miles away from me.

Before I was hospitalized, I was able to see her one last time with my toddler daughter and share with her that I was going to have a son. My son and I survived, and I took him to see her soon after his birth.

Unfortunately, in that time frame of 2 months, she had lost more of her memory. For a single moment, she recognized me, and then she had no idea who I was or who my children were, though she enjoyed seeing them. A month after that, she died.

Amazing how many times in life birth is followed by death.

Now, as a sandwich mother who’s watching my children spread their wings at the same time I see elderly parents at the other end of the spectrum, I see it’s part of a sunrise, sunset effect. The challenge now is sometimes that the sunrise is happening at the same time as the sunset, and I’m in the middle trying to figure out which one to see or help.

When I was 16, I sang “Sunrise, Sunset” as a vocal solo in music contest. Then, it was a song from a musical. Now, it the story of my life.

And now, I realize more than ever to make the most of every sunrise and sunset. Seize the joy and savor the love.

Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset.

Swiftly fly the years. One season following another,

Laden with happiness and tears.


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