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Star Spangled Opportunities | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Star Spangled Opportunities

American Flagphoto © 2009 Tom Thai | more info (via: Wylio)
Despite the economy, Americans willing to work harder and smarter with brains and brawn can still discover the American dream.

Don’t let the Debbie Downers discourage you. My family and I have lost everything and come back, and I’ve great confidence you can do the same.

On August 11, 2001, our family’s home and business burned on a Saturday night, a year after our business opened. The structure stood, but the inside was gutted with smoke and water damage. The next Monday morning, I found our flag and hung it by our front door. Our landline phone still worked, so we strung a phone cord through what had been a kitchen door into the driveway and set my office up with a card table and folding chair.

It’s 10 years later, and our business is still standing. We fought back – with lots of hard work, sweat, and sacrifice. You can do the same.

New business opportunities exist for those who want to find them. Surround yourself with business leaders who are grabbing their own brass rings. If you don’t know any, go to Twitter, find them, and follow them. Learn from them. Don’t imitate them – just adapt what you learn to who you are and what works for you.

When our ancestors came to America, many had to reinvent themselves to survive in the New World. Guess what. It’s New Techno World in the 21st century, and you might need to do the same. Your ancestors did it, and so can you. Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy wrote a book, Branding Yourself, which can help.

Two years ago, my husband and I took our business in new directions by way of social media and set some basic goals: increase repeat business, develop new clients, and go global. Each of those goals has been met. We’ve tweaked our product mix, learned new skills, and adapted old ones.

When you set those goals and do what it takes to make them happen, you too can witness the power of Star Spangled Opportunities. With bombs bursting in air, under rockets red glare, YOUR flag can still wave.

Don’t quit. Go for the dream. You can do it in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Oh – and if you want to know how our family and our business survived that fire, buy my book, He Uses It for Good, when it’s released later this year.

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