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Soar on Eagle’s Wings – On My Daughter’s 17th Birthday | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Soar on Eagle’s Wings – On My Daughter’s 17th Birthday

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Seventeen years ago, my daughter was born on one of the happiest days of my life. Before she learned to crawl, she learned to roll and scared me one day when I couldn’t find her in her room. Frantically, I searched and finally found her; she had rolled under her crib and was exploring.

On her birthday, as she ventures from home, I think back to a lifetime of cherished memories. Even before she could walk, Elizabeth explored faster than I could keep up with her. 

She showed her quiet loyalty even at an early age. When she was 4 and was playing across a playground one afternoon, I saw a bully try to throw rocks at her 2-year-old baby brother. Elizabeth raced there before I did, threw herself in front of her brother so she was the one who got hit, and then decked the bully. When I got there a split second later, she told me, “I handled it, Mom.”

She still “handles it” before I can catch up to her. Now, she just goes a little further. She’s just returned from a week’s leadership training in Washington, D.C. With each trip she makes and challenge she takes, I see her growing into her own person.

And I see her growing into someone who will disagree with me. Like all mothers and daughters since the beginning of time, we clash.  “Mom, you’re just one of THOSE organic, non-chemical people,” she notes as I savor produce from our local CSA group. She’s right. Though I’m now that silly, doddering mother whose opinion is not always valued, I’ll share some birthday advice for a lifetime:

  • Search your heart for the things that mean the most for you, figure out your dreams, and go for them. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you can’t or won’t. Go for the will and can.
  • Whatever your dream – whether it’s to create a new food, develop new agriculture products, build a family, play Irish jigs on your fiddle, or find a way to feed more starving people around the world, go for it.
  • Use your creative touch to leave the world brighter than you found it. Write your stories and create your pictures.
  • Always remember that when you go for your dreams, you will soar on the wings of eagles, lifted up by the prayers of your proud parents, who will love you to the moon and back again, beyond the ends of time itself.

Happy birthday.

2 Responses to “Soar on Eagle’s Wings – On My Daughter’s 17th Birthday”

  1. Dana M Nelson July 10, 2011 at 7:38 am #

    Happy Birthday E. You have a great mom. She has let you grow up and be your own you. (And it’s a you that I am really proud to know.)

    Enjoy your birthday, and your family.

  2. Talina July 10, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    Happy birthday to her. She sounds quite amazing :)

    Now tell us parents how in the heck to get to 17 years all in one piece.

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