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Smile, You’re on Big Screen | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Smile, You’re on Big Screen

Twitter live on the big screenphoto © 2009 John Dalton | more info (via: Wylio)
Just before I teach classes on social media, I post a message on my profile:

“Teaching in 30 minutes. Say hi to my class. Smile – you’re on big screen.”

Friends around the planet, from my own backyard of Indiana to the other side of the planet in Australia, chime in to welcome my students.

My message to friends has a dual purpose.

  1. First, begin conversations to show my classes how we can quickly converse by way of Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Second, warn my friends that their social media comments are about to appear on a big screen in front of a room full of people they don’t know.

With each class I teach, I share my number one rule:

Smile – you’re on big screen.

If you would not be comfortable posting that profile or sending that private message to a room full of strangers, don’t tweet, publish, or send it. This rule applies whether I’m talking to a group of teens, grandparents, non-profits, or business owners.

Think before you tweet. Pause before you post. If the question is asked what’s on your mind, use your mind for a moment to think about it first.

In another era, Helen of Troy had the face that launched 1,000 ships. Today, aspire to write the post that teaches, delights, and builds.

 Today’s thoughtless post could become the tweet that launches 1,000 quips.

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