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Say This, NOT That to Your Professor – a Guide to College Success | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Say This, NOT That to Your Professor – a Guide to College Success

Say This, NOT That to Your Professor

Click, don’t run, and buy Say This, NOT That to Your Professor right now. This is a perfect graduation gift. It’s a must read for every college student, every college-bound high school student, every parent of college or prospective college student who wants to help students succeed, and every professor.

If you want a concise, practical guide on how to communicate in college and how to do better in your classes, then this book is a must buy. With its 36 Talking Tips for College Success, the author Ellen Bremen, a tenured professor in Communication Studies at Highline Community College in Seattle, Washington, shares her perspectives from both sides of the professor/student relationship. With an easy-to-follow format, she shows what professors think when students ask different questions and offers constructive suggestions on how to ask better questions and build better relationships with professors.

This book is an ideal book for every college student as it illustrates what to ask, when to ask it, and how to communicate in difficult situations. The lessons a student learns from this book will help not only in college but also in the workplace. Whether a college student is a first-generation college student with no idea how to talk to college professors or a college student with helicopter parents who always fixed student problems, this book gives specific examples of how to own your own education and make the most of it.

One of the features I liked best about this book is that Ellen is real and shares mistakes she has made and how to do things better. She tackled tough subjects – flunking tests, missing classes, and missing deadlines – and discusses what can be done and said to learn lessons from a tough situation and try to make it better.

Further, she discusses methods of communication – in person, telephone, email, and social media – and shares pointers on how to use each method effectively.

I met Ellen earlier this year on a Twitter chat, #collegecash, where she led a discussion on how to help college students learn to ask their teachers for help. Her suggestions and encouragement were all on point. I knew I wanted to read her book to learn more. After the chat where Ellen and I met, we talked more about college success, and she sent me a review copy of her book to evaluate.

After reading Say This, NOT That to Your Professor, I realized it’s not just a book I’ll pass on to my kids. It’s the kind of constructive guide I will buy for each of them, so they can have their own copy to take to college and refer to if and when problems arise.

Ellen’s book is available in print and on Kindle.

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