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Savoring Life as a Samaritan Mother | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Savoring Life as a Samaritan Mother

Mary Biever, International Woman of Mystery

As a middle-aged mother about to have an empty nest, the best part is:

Recognition that it’s my empty nest, and I can decorate or dance in it as I please.

For a lifetime, I’ve been a Samaritan Mother. My background’s a little different, and so is my perspective in life. In teens or early adulthood, there is more pressure to fit the mold.

There have been times I shut my mouth, stifled my humor, and tried to sit still. It wasn’t pleasant for me or those around for me. But I tried to do it so I could be more than the Samaritan Mama.

I pressed my nose against the glass of “Normal” World, hoping the glass would evaporate and I could have a seat at the respectable table.

It ain’t gonna happen. I wasn’t wired to be quiet and demure. Instead, I was made to seek and seize joy wherever I can find it. Fun makes the tough stuff easier to handle.

  • If my kids put oversized pink sunglasses in my Easter basket as a prank, I will probably wear them. And I might forget I have them on when we go out for donuts.
  • If we switch drivers on a long trip, I might suggest a <insert politically incorrect adjective> fire drill to race around the car.
  • Whenever there’s an opportunity, I’ll find a song to sing and encourage those around me to sing along. Even if it’s a bus of strangers at the airport, and I get some to join me in singing “Wheels on the Bus.”

When channeled, the personality traits that make me an outsider Samaritan Mother become strengths, both personally and professionally:

  • I know what it’s like to feel the role of outsider and constantly seek ways to help others feel included.
  • Humor can make my workshops, classes, and speaking engagements more interesting. Audience members may wonder what will come out of my mouth next. Well, so do I.
  • The passion and excitement I feel when seizing every moment of every day to live to the fullest helps me be a better writer.
  • A blowing up the box perspective, instead of thinking inside the box, helps me find creative solutions for my clients and their public relations strategies.

Bottom line: I was made a Samaritan Mother. Those differences can become my greatest weaknesses or strengths. It’s how I use those traits that makes the difference. Bloom where you are appreciated. If your surroundings don’t support who you really are, then transplant yourself to a new place where you can bloom and flourish.

Who are you at your core? Are you making the most of that which is uniquely you, which no one else on the planet can be?

Don’t waste your life with your nose pressed against the glass, hoping for your place at the table. Find good friends who will support you and inspire you to not only be who you are but to be the best you possible.



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  1. JJ Epperson March 28, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    Mary, I have done a lot of soul searching in the last 12 months and have come to the same conclusions! I much prefer being myself: mom of triplets, slightly quirky, devoted to making from scratch whatever i can. No more seeking inclusion. Surprisingly, have acquired the ability to say “no” in the process. How liberating! Thanks for sharing!

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