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Please Offer Food Choices That Won’t Kill Me | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Please Offer Food Choices That Won’t Kill Me

I’m all for the free market system but have a request for those in food service.

On your menus, can you please offer a single food option that won’t kill me? I’m not asking you to revamp your entire menu. All I’m asking is for a single food that’s more whole food than processed, which isn’t smothered in cheese or broiled in fat or laden with salt.

I am living proof that coronary artery disease can in some instances reverse itself with medication, diet, and exercise. If I eat those comfort foods you are most comfortable serving, that you know will generate a profit, they. will. kill. me. Your profitmakers will clog my arteries and give me another heart attack. Next time, I might not be so lucky.

New studies actually show that indulging in a single fat-laden orgy of a meal can become the “last supper” before the big one. As in the final heart attack.

I am not alone. I have seen in my own food sales experiences that every single year, the demand for plain, whole food alternatives increases.

I’m not saying to get rid of the other choices on the fat junk food end of the spectrum. All I’m asking for is give health a chance…with at least a single food option I could choose while supporting your charity or festival.


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  1. Lettie March 9, 2017 at 1:43 am #

    Going to put this ariclte to good use now.

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