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Playing Politics

As we await election results, I think back to the years my kids have helped with political campaigns…

Once upon a time, some kids I know (and may have possibly given birth to) got together with their friends and decided that World War III would be fought between boys and girls. The two sides grouped together and planned total annihilation of the other side.

After some skirmishes, they concluded that a peace negotiation was wiser than killing everyone in the group. So they worked on the negotiation.

You know that negotiations can’t simply be written down but had to be written down on official paper. Some of the kids had access to a politican’s campaign letterhead, and they decided that would be official. So they “liberated” the letterhead and wrote the conditions for the truce to end World War III, Girls Versus Guys.

A key condition was that both sides had to agree not to campaign against each other in general elections but to support the same candidates.

The girls created the peace treaty and signed it first. Then they sent the youngest girl, age 4, as the diplomatic emissary to deliver the treaty to the boys. The boys signed the contract too.

Then the boys looked at the back of the contract. A funny thing happened to the diplomatic emissary on her way to deliver the treaty. She had wiped boogers on the back of the contract.

The boys erupted with anger. Their war plans began again. Why? Boogers make contracts null and void.

So World War III commenced. Somehow, Planet Earth and the children involved survived it.

Some kids play doctor. Others play politics.

And somehow, as I watch how some politicians fight their campaigns, I can’t tell much difference between them and the kids with the contract with the booger on the back.

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