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People, Profits, and Facebook | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

People, Profits, and Facebook

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The new business owner walks into the biggest social hour party of the year. Everyone has told him – “You’ll get business if you attend.” So he goes to the party, sits, waits for customers to hire him, and none come. They are too busy talking to people to notice him. He leaves the party in disgust, saying he won’t go back and they offered him false hopes.

The party wasn’t wrong, but his approach to it was. You can’t show up and business will come to your doorstep.

Ditto for Facebook. You can’t build your Facebook business page and wait for the customers to buy your product.

You, or if you’re big enough to have employees, will need to talk with your friends, customers, and potential customers to get to know each other better. Build real relationships with real people, and profits are more likely to happen.

The following are ways I have found Facebook to help me boost profits by building relationships:

  1. Referrals - my friends who know what I do introduce me to their friends or people who might one day hire me. They also recommend our services – computer coaching, social media training, and digital graphics. And I refer my friends.
  2. New Potentials – when friends learn what our business is, they hire us for jobs. As I meet new people, I also hire them.
  3. Reconnections with Past Friends – when I meet friends from the past and we connect, it can result in business opportunities for us both.
  4. Current clients – as I get to know our clients better, we become better friends and find new ways to work together.

Nowhere in this list is there a hard sell. Let’s go back to the party.

An entrepreneur is also at that party, talking with friends and meeting new people. Some conversations are more substantive than others. People talk of family, vacations, homes, and upcoming events – not business deals. They aren’t waving their business cards and shouting their sales like a carney at the fair. Those who do scream business, buy me are ignored and not invited back.

After the party is over, the smart entrepreneur reviews those relationships, seeks some strategic partnerships, and thinks of ways to build business with others. The call to action must be savvy and well timed.

Facebook is no more of a quick fix than that party. It’s a place to meet and talk with people to build stronger relationships. Facebook is a perpetual hotseat where your friends get to know you better and see who you really are. And you do the same with them.

Real relationships build real networks – online or in real life –  that with effort can result in business profit over time.


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