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Peace on earth and in the checkout lane | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Peace on earth and in the checkout lane

“America is going to rot!” the man in front of me ranted at the bread store. “Our government has no money. What will happen when they break down and everyone owes money?”

“Look at all these people shopping with money they don’t have? Why don’t they quit?”

He said all this to the checkout clerk.

Every store owner’s dream is to have a customer yelling in the front of the store to quit spending money. Not. But the clerk handled him perfectly.  She acknowledged his concern and told him she wished they could talk more, but she needed to check out customers.  I felt more comfortable when he finally left the building.

“Peace on earth,” I told her. What a fantastic sales clerk.  Her eyes met mine, and she knew I got it too.

“Good will to men,” she answered.

“Are you sexist? Why didn’t you say good will to men AND women!” the woman in line behind me interjected.

The clerk continued working and answered her, “I mean good will to every man, woman, and child God put on the earth.”

What an answer. Once again, she perfectly handled an angry customer.

The clerk reminded me how important it is for us to share good will. And to remember the store clerks, often working for low wages, who deal a whole range of people and emotions every single hour they work on their feet. Some are so so. Others, like this lady, are exceptional.

They all deserve a dose of Christmas spirit during the busiest time of the year. Please, please make an extra effort to thank them and treat them well.

Your smile could be the only one they see for an entire hour or a whole day.

Share a moment of peace in the checkout lane.

One Response to “Peace on earth and in the checkout lane”

  1. Wayne McEvilly December 19, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    It’s not a phrase I often use, but no other will do just now –
    “Bless you!”
    I wish each and every shopper in the country would read and take into consideration the content of this post.
    One of my greatest privileges is to be in the checkout line at the grocery store. I am made aware, more there than in any other place, that here, with these hard-working patient people serving the angry throng (another word popped up but was a bit strong LOL) I am standing in the presence of God.
    How much the world would change if we would just wake up to the simple fact that we are all human beings, and it is our choice to either acknowledge that fact, or to ignore it.
    “Thank you” –

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