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Parents of College Applicants and Facebook | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Parents of College Applicants and Facebook

This is my first venture watching my daughter apply to colleges and hunt for scholarships. Five of the 6 colleges she’s applied to have responded and accepted her, some with scholarship offers.  While we’re waiting on word from number 6, I brace myself for the daily mail bombardment.   Most of the mail is directed to her, but some of it is for us, with more information about the colleges.

One school has a terribly convenient feature – my daughter was invited to a closed Facebook group for her freshman class, and I was invited to a closed Facebook group for parents of new freshmen. Over 300 parents are in my group, which also includes members of the colleges admissions staff and others.

Parents can post where their kids are from and ask questions about the campus. We compare notes on which programs our kids applied to, and more. If we ask a question about scholarships or other campus info, one of the colleges representatives answers the questions within 24 hours.

The list is rather active, but I’m learning a lot about the college and getting a different perspective beyond what I normally would.

It must be uncomfortable at times for the university. Scholarships are beginning to be awarded, and from the postings of parents, I have a good feel for which colleges have begun awarding scholarships.

As a parent, I like the university’s willingness to take a risk and empower parents and future students to learn more about their potential college.

Social media’s not just for college students any more. Sometimes, it’s for their parents.

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  1. Debbie Hinton January 5, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    Hi Mary,
    What are some of the universities are doing this? How can we find out if this is available?

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