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Top 5 Words Needed in Online Marketing | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Top 5 Words Needed in Online Marketing

If you interview a web designer or social media strategist to help develop your business’s online marketing strategy, ask them about 5 words: enjoy, search, mobilize, share and measure. If they scoff at any of them, run the other direction as quickly as you can.

What are they?

  • Enjoy. Fun content is read, revisited, and shared. That counts for websites, Facebook business pages, Tweets, blogs, videos, and more. If your content creators aren’t having fun on the job, their products will be boring, nonsharable, and the biggest thing they will impact is your budget on what you paid for overpriced and underutilized marketing. Your content should be fun and updated early and often with even more fun stuff. Enjoying of course also includes engaging.
  • Search. It will not matter how great your website or blog looks if no one can find it. The purpose of a business website is to grow visibility to boost sales which means people need to find you. That’s why businesses on major highways get more traffic than those who are on one-way gravel roads by the county dump. Good SEO wins search.
  • Mobilize. Everything you post on the web should be mobile. Apps can be a great back door to reach your customers if you can provide valuable content or promotions.
  • Share. When you post great stuff – on social media, your blog, your website – the hope is your friends and customers will share it. Modern customers prefer referrals from people they trust. Make your information shareable across social media platforms – not just the Facebook like.
  • Measure. Clicks, shares, likes, and more can be measured. Repeat: Social engagement CAN be measured. Evaluate what times and campaigns are most effective. Are your customers telling you which products or services most interest them? Listen to them.

If your online marketing strategists or designers can’t discuss how they implement all of the above, run, don’t walk in the other direction.

Your website or Facebook wall may be the best designed of the year. It could be gorgeous. But if these 5 areas aren’t addressed, your gorgeous website might as well be a pretty post card you send to the customers you don’t have with a single message:

Wish you were here.


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