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Old Moms, New Tricks | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Old Moms, New Tricks

“If you hold a needle, I want a picture to prove it,” my teen daughter sniffed when she learned I was going to a sewing party.

My 8th grade class was the first one where girls got to take shop, so I skipped home ec. So I made the metal ashtray, did the woodworking project, and skipped sewing. My mom had a Buttoneer, so I never sewed on a button.

God gave me a mother-in-law who is a professional seamstress. When my kids were little, I never told them, but they held their mending till Grandma visited. Then they would bring her their holey socks, torn knees, and more.  Grandma never complained at my domestic ineptitude. She taught my daughter to sew. And she didn’t explode the time my son thought her backstitcher was a bank, poured quarters into the slots, and my husband had to take it apart to get out the money.

This spring, I joined YaYa’s, an extension homemaker’s club on the understanding they wouldn’t make me sew. With this year’s Fashion Revue, the club decided to make pajamas to wear as a group entry and scheduled a sewing session. I’m not the only non-sewer. The real sewers brought their machines and told us to bring fabric.

So, today, I showed up with my pink fabric. Going into the fabric store was as stressful to me as walking into the dentist’s office for a root canal. Give me the smells of a plumbing supply store.

By this time, I was going to the sewing party as much to prove to my kids I could.  YaYa’s encouraged me.

  • “You want me to cut this?”
  • “Why are they called pinking sheers? Is it because the fabric’s pink?”
  • “Notches? Is this like an Erector set?”
  • “You iron seams?”
  • “You hem pant legs by hand? Really?”
  • They didn’t laugh when I pinned the pants across the crotch.
  • They didn’t laugh when I pinned the pants backwards.

They did laugh when I told them I needed photographic evidence to prove to my family I actually sewed.

P. S. Don’t tell my family I never touched the sewing machines. I was afraid they might break. But I did touch a needle and thread.

Lesson? Old moms can learn new tricks. So can you. Go out and learn how to do something new today!

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  1. Robin Lax July 7, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    Mary, You really did a great job yesterday! Your kids should be proud. The Ya Ya’s are very proud to have you as a member! It will always be an adventure with the Ya Ya’s!

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