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My Spinach Stuck in Teeth Test | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

My Spinach Stuck in Teeth Test

I didn’t know I had spinach stuck between my 2 front teeth at a business lunch.  Thank God I had a friend who told me.

Friends have helped me a lot over the years with almost embarrassing moments.  Juggling family, a business,  and a job means I have done some stupid things. Ranking near the top in the years when I struggled to get out the door without baby spitup on my blouse:

  1. Wearing a shirt backwards to a cookout
  2. Wearing moccasins with my business suit into McDonald’s because I forgot to slip on my dress shoes

I’m grateful for trusted friends who save my bacon before I accidentally fry it. Wouldn’t it have been awful if they hadn’t told me?

The same thing happens on social media. Years ago, my first month on Facebook, I sent an “I love you!” card to my husband.  Except I clicked the wrong box and posted it on all 60 of my friends’ walls. One of them told me what I had done, and I spent an afternoon removing it from every single wall.

If you are my friend on Facebook, and it looks like I’ve been hacked, or if I posted something in bad taste or with a spelling/grammar error, tell me privately.  I would rather know I have spinach between my teeth on my Facebook wall than walk around smiling at everyone where they notice it and I don’t realize it.

My social media footprint is my brand. I’ve slowly figured out what my brand is – learning by doing badly at times. I learned my social media is a place to build and encourage – not incite debate.  I’m a teacher & encourager, not an arguer.

If you’re my friend, and I see that you’ve been hacked or have a potential problem on social media, I’ll most likely call you – if your phone number is listed in the Facebook phone book.  If you post a status with the words my,stupid, boss, I’ll probably warn you before it appears on the “My Stupid Boss” community FB page.

I have known people who have lost scholarships, jobs, and clients because of posting something stupid on social media. College is expensive. A good job is hard to find.

You can “let it all hang out” without letting the spinach dangle between your two front teeth. 

So show those pearly whites and smile! You’re on candid social media!

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