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My Clients are Heroes, Not Sheep | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

My Clients are Heroes, Not Sheep

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I recently saw a tweet where someone said his clients were dumb sheep prone to harming themselves, who needed to be sheered instead of slain.

How sad. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never had a single client or student who meets that definition.

My clients are heroes. They are incredible people, who have often met challenges and overcome them. My job is to help them leverage technology to make their lives easier and their businesses more efficient. If I didn’t believe in my clients and their potential,  how could I help them achieve greater success?

To me, the most exciting part of my job is to see a light bulb turn on in someone’s heart when they suddenly realize new possibilities or decide to try something new. Once, when I returned to a corporate client after teaching them Excel for the first time the week before, the h.r. manager met me at the door and told me,

 “Mary, you’ve awakened a sleeping giant. Everyone in last week’s class is trying new ways to make their jobs easier with spreadsheets.”

Walt Whitman must have seen the same possibilities I do when he wrote “I Hear America Singing.”

Here’s to the unsung, ordinary heroes who live extraordinary lives.

What do you do that’s extraordinary? If you aren’t sure, I would be glad to help you find it and help you show how remarkable you are by way of social media or other technology.

Your glass isn’t half empty or half full. It’s full to the brim with possibilities.

Go for it!

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