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My Chicken Little Dancing Adventure | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

My Chicken Little Dancing Adventure

Chicken Little Runs

“A baby bird is in our backyard,” my son told me yesterday. “I don’t know what kind it is.”

“Really?” I answered in a distracted voice. Little did I know a chicken adventure had begun. I assumed a baby bird had fallen from a nest and would be dead before sundown.

“The bird is walking around the garden eating worms,” my son told me later, after he had tilled our garden. Then I ventured to see the bird. This was no robin. It looked like a chicken.

But how would a chicken land in our yard in the middle of town? We got rid of our chickens 7 months ago, and there were none in our area. It didn’t look like the chickens we had raised. So I posted its picture and Facebook and asked what kind of bird it was.

It was a chicken. My son asked, “Can I put the cat beside the chicken and see what happens next?”

“No!” I told him. My mission had begun: how to save that chick.

Doing the Chicken Dance with a Public Speaking Workshop

One friend on Facebook told me it was my baby because 2 weeks ago at a public speaking workshop, I had opened with the Chicken Dance. She said this is what happens when you do the Chicken Dance in public.

The chick was running around our backyard hunting bugs and catching worms. When we got to close to us, it would dash into underbrush. “Will you put it in the coop?” I asked my family – we still had our empty, abandoned chicken coop.

“Why would I do that?” my son asked.

“Because you love your mother.” I told him.

“IF we catch it, it’s YOUR responsibility, and YOU have to take care of the food and water,” my daughter lectured me. Then my husband caught the bird and put it into our coop.

I started trying to find a home for the bird, posting it on Facebook and calling all my chicken-owning friends to see who would take this one lost bird. I don’t have the time to start chickens again, and it isn’t fair to just have ones. Prepping dinner went by the wayside as I tried to save the bird. I saw a couple of neighbors wandering through brush and wondered if the chicken were theirs. They disappeared.

An hour later, I saw them again, and I asked if they were looking for a chicken. Yes! They thought it was gone – they had gotten chicks that accidentally got open, and the one I found was the only one still missing. So they retrieved their bird, and my little chicken adventure was done.

I was barely able to fix dinner and eat it before leaving for a meeting.

There are people who do great things to serve their communities and to help the animals in our world. Some save lost puppies or find homes for stray cats. I have never done any of that.

But once, just once, I saved a chicken that was dumb enough to wander into my own back yard. And I sort of saved it.

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