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My Blue Dot Miracle | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

My Blue Dot Miracle

Blue dots and how they helped my husband notice and meet me… 

Every Midwestern town has a fall celebration.  My town had Corn Day.  Businesses close, the downtown is full of family-friendly games, and the Corn Car begins the parade with a Corn King, Corn Queen, Corn Prince, and Corn Princess.

Richard was dating a different girl at the time, whose best friend was one of my brothers.  My brother described Corn Day; Richard and his girlfriend of the time wanted to see it for themselves.  I wasn’t there because I had proudly outgrown Corn Day.

So they joined my brother on a Corn Day pilgrimage and met my family.  My mom’s house has a hallway full of family portraits.  Richard noticed one girl had a blue dot in the middle of her nose in every picture.

Another brother had gotten angry at me and put a single blue dot, on my nose, in every single portrait.  Richard asked, “Who’s the girl with the blue dot?” 

 The answer?  “She’s another sister away at school.”

 After their Corn Day adventure, Richard and that girlfriend broke up. 

 A year later, a girl I worked with told me she knew a guy she thought I would like.  I agreed to let her give him my phone number.  She gave him my name and number, and he wondered if I were the girl with the blue dot.  So he confirmed my name. 

The girl who gave him the number strongly encouraged him to call me, telling him she thought we would get along well. 

He debated for days whether or not to call.  Then he thought about the blue dot girl.  Was I so awful that my brother would retaliate with a blue dot on a wall full of photos? 

Finally, he took the gamble.  Our first phone call lasted 3 hours.  It was our first and last blind date.  We had a wonderful time and were together from that day forward.  Our wedding was two years later, twenty years ago.

Had my brother not dotted the photos, I don’t know if Richard would have risked the call.

We never know how today’s pieces will fit into tomorrow’s puzzle. After the fact, I’m thankful for all the blue dots!

This story helps me to remember to give thanks in all circumstances, even those involving ornery younger brothers.

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