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More Than Good Enough

Houses for salephoto © 2008 I See Modern Britain | more info (via: Wylio)
When Richard and I were house-hunting, we visited one home and discovered a backyard full of dog poop. The sellers thought that getting the inside of the house clean was “good enough” to prep it. We left after we saw the poop. If dog poop was good enough for us to see, what did they think was good enough that we couldn’t see?

“Good enough” is a standard to beat – not meet. Especially in a tough economy.

Yesterday,  real estate agent tweeted a high end house posted low resolution photos in their sales info and noted high res photos would have sold the house.

Imagine a sub with several houses on the market, and all of them are “good enough.” What makes 1 house sell faster than the others? Better structure, features, home staging, and packaging impact the sale.  “Beyond compare” sells before “good enough.”

The same holds true for all businesses.  Most industries now compete on a global level, where there are several other businesses like yours for customers to choose from, just like those houses in the sub. What can you do to differentiate yourself so you get the sale first?

  • Reach beyond the “good enough” standard to offer your customers a value without compare.
  • Show them that you are a wise investment.  
  • Offer the best and friendliest customer service you can.
  • Share your story and what makes you unique in the global subdivision. Build real relationships with your customers and potentials.
  • Package your business wisely. Authentic may be the new “excellence,” but there is still a place for smart marketing with good visuals. Good visuals can bring customers in to get to know you better. A picture is worth a thousand words – doesn’t it make sense to make sure that picture is the best you can provide?
  • Build strategic relationships with other businesses so you can help each other grow.

Tough economy + faster communication in a social media world = companies who settle for a “good enough” standard will fall behind smart companies who aspire to something better.

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