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Missing The Boat | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Missing The Boat

Probably thought but not written 500 years ago…

“I can’t believe the hoopla over Columbus. He brought back heathens and trinkets instead of a route to spices.

“What a waste of time and money. His stupid sailors drink, wasting time with songs and games. I’m too busy – I have to run the family lumber business. 

“There’s rumors Columbus was wrong. He got lost. Some day, all who thought he would open new trade routes will realize they wasted their time and money. I’ll be sitting here fat and happy cause I just expanded the family lumber business to the other side of the forest.  Sure thing, sure profit. Who has time to learn anything new when we’re so busy cutting down trees?”

End of excerpt from the honorary member of the World Is Flat & I’m Happy Bout That Society.

This business man was so busy tending his own family business that he missed the boat.

Those who ignore the changes social media will make do the same. Yes, there are some stupid games and conversations going on on new media. But those using it are on a boat to a new world just like Columbus’s sailors were.

Columbus wasn’t just playing stupid games – born Italian, he eventually learned Latin, Portugese, Castillian, and devoured the best books by the greatest minds he could find.  He scoured the Bible and often quoted it.

Smart people are using social media. They are building the next new world.

If you have a family lumber business, if you pull your head out of the local trees, you might discover a planet of new resources and potential customers. All by route of social media.

Those early explorers didn’t take a Loveboat across the ocean to learn things exciting and new. They worked, risked, prayed, waited, and worked some more. So do the new explorers. 

There’s an earlier key figure in the New World’s discovery: Prince Henry the Navigator. In the century before Columbus, he helped sailors by improving education – even starting schools. His schools helped develop maps, teach navigation, and teach shipbuilding. He plowed and prepped the field from which the next century’s explorers sprouted.

Some visionary educators today are doing the same with social media. Will your school sprout the next explorers, or will your students/employees miss the boat? Are they being trained to navigate the social media seas to a brave, new world?

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