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Managing With Respect | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Managing With Respect

I’ve turned into one of those grumpy old school people.

We were at a hotel, and I asked the front manager how we would get a shuttle to the airport. She buzzed their driver. When he came and pulled the car up, she scolded him in front of us because he failed to keep the engine running. He went to turn the van back on and as he left, she rolled her eyes at me behind his back.

He was a nice guy doing a hard job on Black Friday. In addition to driving people to the airport, he was responsible for keeping the breakfast room stocked. She not only treated him with disrespect but did so in front of customers.

He did not respond in kind.

He took us to the airport, and we worked to generate conversation with him. When my husband found out how badly the manager treated the driver, he added to the tip. An hour later, he picked us back up from the airport. We learned about his family, where he traveled and more.

I made a point when we returned to tell her how good a job he did and how much we appreciated his help.

The world is a better place when you treat the people around you like people instead of chattel or objects.

The manager who took pride in her efficiency must have been absent the day they taught leadership. Maybe she never had the dirty job where someone mocked her in front of a customer. I don’t know.

A manager may keep things going ok. But a leader, a true leader, not only keeps things going but inspires everyone to work harder, give more, and respect each other.

Her bad behavior also made me appreciate the office where I work now. Everyone is part of the same team. We will do what it takes to get the job done. And if we have some fun along the way, so much the better.

When you treat those you work with with respect, they will go above and beyond, and you will all do a better job.

Maybe you have to be a crusty old lady to see that.

And now I’m pondering whether I should email this blog to the manager involved. I have her business card.

Update on December 3: I received a heartfelt apology from the manager. We’ve all made mistakes. I’ve made them. I am glad her hotel was as responsive as she was.

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