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Letting Go With Lent | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Letting Go With Lent

A nest built with love isn’t really empty. That’s the lesson I’m learning this Lenten season.

Ash Wednesday had a poignant beginning as I realized it was the first time ever we were going to services without both of our kids. And of course part of that too was thinking that in two years, both our kids will be gone.

But during the service, there was a revelation…

We worship one God. We have one savior. Wherever my kids are and wherever they go, so long as there is an opportunity for Mass, we worship together in a different way….we listen to the same Bible readings and make the same Psalm responses. As we stand and listen to the same Gospel readings, we stand together wherever we are. ┬áIf they travel to other lands, in whatever language is spoken, we will listen to His word and can reflect on what it means in our lives.

My job is to play the role of Hannah as she did with Samuel. My children were a gift from God, and I’ve done my best to teach them what I know. The time has come and is coming for me to take them to the temple, trust them to God, and pray for them always. When in future years I see them, maybe instead of bringing them the coat I had made for them that year, I’ll bring something else. Since I don’t sew, it will probably be something knit or crochet, and that can take awhile….I’m still working on the afghan that was supposed to be a high school graduation present for my daughter. She hopes I’ll finish it by the time she graduates from college.

The challenges of the past several months give a new gravity to ashes on the forehead and hearing “from dust you were created and to dust you shall return.”

Wherever they go, I know that we can be together in the ways that matter most. Wherever they are, my prayer is they know how much they are loved and that their father and I will pray for them always, in this world and in the next.

And I pray they always remember our love is but an imperfect reflection of the all-powerful, all-knowing love of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer King.

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