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Knowing Good People at Good Companies | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Knowing Good People at Good Companies

“I know people,” is one of my standard lines, especially when I explain to my children how I sometimes get things done quickly.

What I should say is, “I know good people,” or “I know good people at great companies.”

Sometimes, with some companies, you have to know the right person to get something done. If I know the right person, at the right company, the waves seem to part on the company’s Dead Sea of Inefficiency, and things still happen.

Sometimes, with a few companies, it’s different. Everyone is on the same page, and the whole team understands what customer service is.

I just had one of those good experiences with Mills Body Shop in Evansville. While my car was parked in a parking lot two weeks ago, it was hit by a distracted driver. Working through the other guy’s insurance company was a less than positive experience. I had to call repeatedly for three days before finally talking to someone besides voicemail. It took two days to get repairs approved once I spoke to him. And then, when I arranged for a rental car, he barked at me that I booked the repairs starting on a Wednesday instead of a Monday.

Those are not stresses that any customer, but particularly one who is recovering from a heart attack, should have to handle. The good news is that after a week, the other company approved the repairs. Originally, the out-of-state insurance claim representative tried to send me to a body shop I had never heard of. I refused and told him that my car had to be serviced at Mills.

But there was a brighter light in this bad experience – Mills Body Shop. Yes, I know the owner. But I don’t have to name drop. As I worked with two different offices, each of his employees treated me with courtesy, compassion, and competence. They kept their word, got things done on time, and cheerfully went out of their way to treat me with kindness and respect.

You know a business owner has succeeded when you know him, but you know you won’t have to name drop because he has built his company to follow a high standard of customer service. That’s a sign of a company you can trust.

Thanks, Don.

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