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Keeping College Students Safe in a Big Bad World | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Keeping College Students Safe in a Big Bad World

I would hate to be working in campus security this week. This is the hard part of being a mother of a college student in uncertain times.

The following universities were threatened by bomb scares this week:

  • September 14 – University of Texas at Austin
  • September 14 – North Dakota State University
  • September 14 – Hiram College in Ohio
  • September 17 – Louisiana State University (Boston man arrested in connection with it)
  • September 18 – Arkansas State University
  • September 20 – Southern Illinois University
  • September 21 – North Michigan University (person of interest has been identified in this and 4 other non-university threats)

Yes, there may be copy cats.  We do not know who or what is making these threats. What to do?

Listen and watch:

For every  college student in America….now is the time for college students to be vigilant. Look for circumstances, objects, and more that seem off. Listen for threats online or in person. If you see something suspicious, say something to campus security.

Listen to your gut instincts. Gut instincts can warn you of bad situations before the details are fully identified. If your gut tells you something is off, protect yourself and say something to campus security.


There are all sorts of disaster preparedness guides and more. Make sure you are aware of safety and evacuation procedures for your campus and your dorm. Protect yourself.

We all learned on September 11 many years ago that terrorists would do whatever it took to bring us down and would do the unimaginable.

Well, guess what. It’s still a big bad world out there. A few bad guys in that world still want to do us harm. We have no idea what they will do or when.

Remember the Lessons of Flight 93 on September 11. When the passengers on that plane realized what was about to happen, they took history into their own hands and changed it. Armed with nothing but scalding water, a rolling cart, and determination not to surrender to terrorists – they stopped the bad guys, at the cost of their own lives.

There will come a day when something unexpected happens again. The time or the opportunity may come when you have to fight for survival – your own, those you love, or maybe even complete strangers.

My prayer is we all remember the heroes of Flight 93 and God forbid, if we have to, pay their heroism forward.


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