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Keep Walking…

This morning, as I helped at a water station at a half marathon, a lady sped by wearing a shirt that said on it, “Keep Walking.” As the marathon concluded, as I stood by the finish line cheering those who finished, she walked by, still strong and steady, with her shirt’s saying in front.

Keep Walking.

Those who finished encouraged others to finish their own races, sometimes running beside them.

How do we keep walking when we’re hot, tired, thirsty, and don’t feel up to another step? Watching the marathoners today reminded me of steps to success:

  1. Set a goal. Commit to an external goal. Sign up for it and tell your friends what your goal is.
  2. Prepare. Set a training schedule so you’ll be ready for the big race.
  3. Pace yourself. Your training will help you set a pace you can complete. Better to complete the long haul than to sprint at the beginning and collapse.
  4. Position yourself among cheerleaders. The world is full of Debbie Downers who will help you discover any hidden self doubts and discourage you. Avoid the people who use words like fail, can’t, and stupid. Gravitate too those who cheer and encourage. One of my favorite parts of the half marathon conclusion was seeing people cheering strangers to meet their goal and give that last little bit to cross the finish line. J.J. organized our YaYa extension club to volunteer for two water booths – she’ in the photo cheering us on just as she cheered on those who finished the race.
  5. Hydrate. A long hot endurance race is not the time to prove you’re the tough guy. Get the water and the energy you need so you can cross the finish line.
  6. Keep walking. Don’t quit. Remember what got you to this point and keep going. Don’t think of the final mile. Think of the next step. With each step as you think of the next one, you’ll get through that final mile.
  7. Encourage Others After You Finish. After you meet your goal, encourage others on their own marathon. Encourage some who’ve never done a marathon to try it.

Not all marathons are run in tennis shoes. Some are family, personal, or business ones. Whatever your marathon,

Keep walking!

When you meet your goal, savor the moment that you fought the good fight and ran the hard race among a great cloud of witnesses. Savoring today’s victory makes it easy to set a goal for tomorrow and meet it.

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