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I Dream a Dream of Life Gone Right | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

I Dream a Dream of Life Gone Right

There was a time a man was once unkind,

His stories soft, his voice was lying.

There was a time when a child was crying,

He left her world a broken pile.

At that one time,

It had all gone wrong….


I dream a dream of life gone right.

Of second chances, new hope in trying.

I’ve lived a dream of life gone right.

Freed from past sorrow through forgiving.

When I was young and most afraid,

I never dreamed beyond tomorrow.


Then a quiet man came into my life.

His manner soft, quiet, and tender.

As he built my hope and taught

Me how to rise and stand.


He spent a lifetime at my side.

He filled my days with fun adventure,

He’s raised our children by my side,

He stayed there when the fires came.


I live a dream he’s here with me,

We live these years together,

Thank God I’ve been set free,

Whatever the storm I know we’ll weather.

I never dreamed my life could be,

So different from the hell I once lived in,

So different now from what it had been.


Now life has surpassed the dreams in me.

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