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How to Find Tri-State Weather Updates | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

How to Find Tri-State Weather Updates

Masters of Disasters

Area spotters, forecasters, and emergency personnel meet to discuss ways to serve the Evansville, IN/Henderson, KY & southern Illinois area better.

Storm season is upon us. Though it may seem we’ve already been overwhelmed with tornadoes this year, the highest risk for tornadoes is about to begin. Are you prepared?

If bad weather hits the Tri-State area, Twitter adds another layer of information sharing to help us stay safe. At this week’s first ever meeting of weather forecasters, weather spotters, and emergency personnel for our area, those with boots on the ground worked to find ways to improve how information is shared and spread quickly.

Twitter does not take the place of weather sirens, TV forecasts, or weather radios. It does add another layer of protection and source of information.

#TriStateWX – clicking on this link is the fastest way for you to quickly get Twitter updates on local weather.

In an early morning storm siren this spring, when I crawled out of bed and was groggy, a phone alert rang but it was from the wrong station and wasn’t the person who usually alerted me. Our weather radio for some reason didn’t work. I grabbed my phone and glanced at Twitter. There was a #Tristatewx tweet that a tornado was headed to Evansville and to take cover immediately. Immediately after reading that tweet, I screamed at my family and told them to get to the basement NOW. Yes, teens can get out of bed quickly. When their mother uses “the Voice.” Fortunately, that storm missed us. Had it hit, Twitter would have been what saved my family.

The beauty of #TristateWX is that I can tweet with it when a tree limb crashes onto my car during a windstorm, just as anyone else can report weather information. Last week, when dime-sized hail was reported in downtown Evansville and my daughter was walking to a class, only a 3 minute drive from me, I was able to drive and meet her to ensure she wasn’t stuck outside during a hail storm.

So those who use it can glean from weather professionals and also see real time weather changes.

To use #Tristatewx in Twitter, simply click in the search area and type: #Tristatewx.

NEW – #TriStateWX List = Earlier this week, weather pros, spotters, volunteers, and other groups met for the first time to discuss how to better serve our area and work together and spread weather information via social media channels. I’m not quite sure what the name of the group will be – two possible names floated were Disaster League of Evansville or Masters of Disaster.

A new way to find weather information quickly was proposed and has been put in place. The Evansville Red Cross (@EvvRedCross) has now created a list, #TriStateWX. If you use Twitter, you can subscribe to this @EvvRedCross list – #TriStateWX. Area weather professionals, spotters, and others have been included in it.

What does the new list do? If you use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and subscribe to the @EvvRedCross link, you can now include a Twitter feed that posts tweets from those who tweet weather and other emergencies. When severe weather hits, if you have #TriStateWX list already set up as a stream, it can be a more efficient way to quickly see storm alerts and weather updates.

The new #TristateWX list is not intended to replace the #TriStateWX hashtag. It is intended to provide one more tool in the arsenal of weather preparedness and information sharing.

Weather forecasters from varied stations are included on this list, as are storm spotters from Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. Some work with weather professionally, and others share their knowledge out of a passion for keeping our area informed of pending weather situations.

Things like #TriStateWX are just one more reason why I love living in the heart of the Mid-West, in the Evansville/Henderson Tri-State area. Those involved know and work under a fundamental principle:

Saving lives matters more than protecting turf.

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  1. Andrew March 30, 2012 at 7:08 am #

    A useful Twitter resource for those in Evansville. Especially coming into storm season. Great write up Mary!

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