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Mary Biever | One Writing Mother | He Uses It For Good

He Uses It For Good

What do you do when you lose  almost everything in your world before you’re 10 years old?

Overcoming the challenges of a difficult childhood as the daughter of scandal, Mary built a new life and family with her husband, Richard. Together, they survived many challenges. Second chances and happy endings are always possible!

“You know how you see a news story about someone caught up in public scandal or discovered to have been living a double life, and you think for a moment, “Oh, his poor kids.  I can’t imagine what they must be going through.” Well, Mary Biever can imagine because she was one of those kids. She was one whose family went through the shattering experience of finding out the father of the family was not who they thought he was.  They lost everything: dignity, security, their friends, their home.

“In her riveting story, He Uses It For GoodMary takes you inside the mind and heart of that child.  You see the family trauma through her young eyes and then you see the struggle to find normal, to find happy, to find love and finally to trust God and a special man.

“Mary rebuilds her self-house, furnishes it with the talents she discovers and with every bit of learning and experience that comes her way.  Hers is a remarkable story of survival that becomes a story of living in grace and passing along hope.

“Did you have a difficult childhood or do you know someone who had a difficult childhood? Then read and share He Uses It For Good.” – Mary Kochan, Editor in Chief, Catholic Lane

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He Uses It for Good

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